What does the therapeutic process for children consist of?


  • During the first session I meet with the parents and their child; or just the parents. This is up to the parents. Sometimes parents want to talk about the difficulties they find in their child without their child being present, at other times they want the child to be present. The session lasts 60 minutes.


  • In the first session, a joint dialogue is established about the difficulties that parents observe in their child, and the perception that the child has about these difficulties. Concerns or doubts about the therapeutic process, art therapy, the methods and tools that I use will be answered.


  • If the parents wish to initiate Art Therapy sessions then I will provide them with an Art Therapy Contract and a Patient Information document for my medical record.


  • In the remaining time of the session I will show the child or adolescent where the art supplies are located and some parameters to begin creating images while the parents wait outside.


  • From this moment on a six- session evaluation process begins.


  • At the end of the evaluation process I will meet with the parents in a feedback session. During the feedback session I will give the parents a Therapeutic Intervention Report and a Treatment Plan that we will review during this session. I will also provide parents with psychological tools to implement at home, provide psychological education about their child's mental health, emotional or mental difficulties and, if they need a psychiatric, neuropsychology assessment or more specific information about mental illness .


  • Art Therapy is based on psychotherapy and psychodynamics, therefore a psychotherapy process can last several years without the need to diagnose a "total cure." The patient may require a psychotherapeutic intervention throughout his or her life or as long as the patient and or the parents deem necessary.


Payments for sessions are made at the end of each session or in advance in cash, dataphone or by transference to my bank account Davivienda Ahorros 0550488411435065, cc. 52993555. In order to book your first appointment please send the screenshot of the payment to my whatsapp or to my email




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